How can we use serrano and ibérico bellota spanish ham bone?

How can we use serrano and ibérico bellota spanish ham bone?

Among gastronomy, cookers and gourmet fooding lovers; it is well known the bone of iberico de bellota and serrano hams is used to make soups, as lentil soup, as well as stews or ham jelly. Want to know more about how to use it?

Bone is one of the most valued parts of the ham. However, it is not as used due to lack of knowledge about how to use it. Here we tell you how to use it:


Make soups and stews

The cooking of soups and stews using iberico de bellota and serrano ham bones is very famous among professional and amateur cookers. The bone of the ham gives aunique taste to soups and stews, making them more tasty and delicious. Different types of soups and stews are enriched with ham bones, making them more tasty.


Ham jelly

Ham jelly is another way to better profit sustance of ham bone, as it is cosidered the most tasty part of ham. As in the soup, we have to leave the bone cooking until the broth becomes jelly. This is the perfect complement to go with soups or another plates with a special touch.


Give the bone to our dog (or pet)

If we don’t want to cook the bone neither waste them, what’s better than giving it to our pet to enjoy it? Always carefully, but this is a real delicacy in family to enjoy!

The ham bone is one of the biggest unknown at the time to profit ham, so we give you some useful ideas to better profit them. We wish you delicious ham soups this winter!