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If you are a fan of Pata Negra Iberico Bellota Spanish ham this is your place. We propose you lots of information about the treasure of Spanish food. 


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How to correctly slice a ham?

It seems easy, but when it comes to getting down to work, you will find that not everyone manages to master this art. You should have a lot of patience, but yes, the reward of being able to enjoy a good ham sliced by you with your family, is often the best...

Jabugo, an Iberian treasure

Why is this municipality considered one of the cradles of Iberian ham? Jabugo is located in the heart of Sierra Morena, in what is called Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche, in the north of the province of Huelva (Andalusia). Its Iberian Hams are known throughout...

How to correctly slice a shoulder

Today, we teach you how to correctly slice a shoulder, because you should know that the morphological characteristics of shoulders and hams are different, and the task may be even more complicated. It is not impossible yet, with a few brief indications you will...

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Pata negra iberico ham and Serrano ham are two of the best types of Spanish ham you can find. We propose you the best online shop to purchase Spanish ham them and enjoy it with the best warranty. 


Jabugo 5J Cinco Jotas 100% Bellota ibérico ham

The most popular

This is an excellent Jabugo ham which is known all around the world. It’s a secure option, coming from CincoJotas brand and being a 100% iberico ham from Jabugo.

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Bellota 50% ibérico ham

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This a top quality Bellota 50% iberico ham with more than 36 monts of drying process. The real quality of thius product comes with the selection of the pigs and the traditional process of curing.

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Bellota 100% ibérico Pata negra shoulder

Top Pata negra

This is a exceptional Bellota 100% iberico pata negra shoulder ham. It’s taste is amazing because it has been cured with care for more than 24 monts.

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Types of Iberico ham

There are different types of Spanish Iberico ham, totally different from the Serrano ham. Is not the same a Pata Negra Bellota 100% iberico ham  than a cebo iberico ham. The beloved “jamón” has different colour labels so you can identify the quality very easy. 

Check here all the types of Spanish iberico ham

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