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Spanish potato omelette, without secrets

Today we tell you without secrets, the origin and the recipe of one of the jewels of Spanish gastronomy. Let's start with the story: We go back to the time of the conquest of Peru, when the Spanish, after observing the indigenous people consume this fruit (called in...

Iberian Ham Diseases

The truth is we like to talk about the wonders of ham, but we consider it fair, and necessary, to comment on the different conditions that can alter the quality of this delicacy. Because nobody is perfect, right? Well, in the Iberian hams also happens… Strange Taste:...

How to send Iberian and Serrano hams to Switzerland?

How to send Iberian and Serrano hams to Switzerland?

Buying your Iberian pata negra and serrano hams and shoulders online is becoming easier. If you are Spanish but you are far away, you want to give a gift or you are simply a Spanish product and pata negra ham lover, we can help you. In addition, we send your order so...

Merry Chirstmas and happy 2021!

The Jamonarium team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a happy 2021, surrounded by your family and loved ones. We hope you can enjoy these Christmas holidays in good health and a good Iberian or Serrano ham. Remember that, at this difficult time, at Jamonarium we...

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