But what makes ham so special at Christmas? Why do we associate it so much with this time of the year? In this article, we explain the similarity between Christmas and Jamon!

Christmas is a special time in Spain, full of gastronomic traditions that go back centuries. Ham is one of the most emblematic products of Spanish gastronomy, and is consumed in abundant quantities during the Christmas holidays. Whether it is a delicious jamón ibérico de bellota or a jamón serrano or jamón de cebo, ham is a must-have as a Christmas gift at home.

In my family, Christmas is a great time to enjoy a good Iberian ham. It is a tradition that has always been present on our Christmas table.Here are two very important tips before giving a ham as a Christmas present:

Purchase the right accessories before buying a ham to facilitate and enjoy the experience of cutting the ham properly. To see the best ham holders, knives and sharpeners.

Be sure to check the label before buying ham for Christmas. Spanish regulations require all Iberian hams to carry one of the 4 identifying seals. These labels indicate the quality and the percentage of Iberian breed of the ham. The colour of the labels are as follows:

BLACK, 100% Iberian Acorn-fed Ham.

RED, Acorn-fed Iberian Ham.

GREEN, Iberian Cebo de Campo Ham. 

WHITE, Iberian Cebo Ham.

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In short, both celebrations are an opportunity to gather family and friends around a delicious food like ham, and create memories to last a lifetime. There is a strong connection between ham and Christmas. The intense aroma of an acorn or cebo ham fills our homes with a Christmas atmosphere and transports us to the most magical and special time of the year. There is nothing like the happiness that comes from gathering around a good cured ham and sharing laughter and joy with friends and family during the Christmas festivities. So, the next time you enjoy a good plate of ham at Christmas, remember that you are not only savouring an exquisite delicacy, but you are also sharing a tradition that has united people for centuries. Merry Christmas and delicious ham for everyone!