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Are you preserving olive oil correctly?

Olive oil, a product present in most homes. A juice that comes from the olive, and that is our most precious asset. Therefore, it is only fair that we know how to preserve it properly to enjoy its quality for as long as possible. how preserve olive oil For starters,...

Is it healthy to consume Iberian ham?

It may not be clear to you at this point how much is true in the statements ensuring that Iberico Ham is a healthy product. That is why today, we give you some information to end those doubts, and that you can enjoy this food without feeling guilty. Let's start!...

How are olive oil and EVOO different?

Today, we are talking about olive oil. We will explain what are the main benefits it brings to your health, and the different varieties of it that you can find in the market. Let's start! differences olive oil evoo We know that 30% of the pulp of the olive is oil. We...

What are the keys to Joselito ham, “the best ham in the world”?

What are the keys to Joselito ham, “the best ham in the world”?

Joselito hams and shoulders are unique pieces, from the Guijuelo area, in Salamanca. They are called "the best hams in the world" and the Joselito pieces are unique in the market. Do you want to know why?  Happy pigs The happy pigs with which the pieces of...

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