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Why is salt necessary for curing Iberian ham?

In Spain, Iberian ham is a culinary delicacy appreciated all over the world. But why is it so important to add salt to this delicacy for its curing process? Salt makes the ham preserve much better at room temperature, without damaging the product. The need to preserve...

Differences between Duroc ham and Serrano ham?

Who doesn't like a good ham? But, do you know the difference between Duroc ham and Serrano ham? Although both are delicious, they have some distinctive characteristics that make them unique. Which is the best? What is the difference? Read on and find out! First, let's...

Why is ham so similar to Christmas?

But what makes ham so special at Christmas? Why do we associate it so much with this time of the year? In this article, we explain the similarity between Christmas and Jamon! Christmas is a special time in Spain, full of gastronomic traditions that go back centuries....

What is the origin and future of Iberian ham?

Who hasn't tasted the delicious Iberian ham? This delicious flavour, which reaches all our senses. Starting with the smell and the taste, the more you eat the more you want and the more you enjoy it, it is incomparable. History and origin of Iberian ham But do you...

The five most typical dishes of Spanish gastronomy

Spain is famous for gastronomy, and every gourmet should try these top 5 traditional Spanish dishes. And while they are all delicious in their own right, each one also represents a unique aspect of Spanish culture that goes beyond just the food on the plate.. Next up...

What is the difference between chorizo and chistorra?

Hello friends! If you're a sausage lover like me, I'm sure you've asked yourself more than once: what's the difference between chorizo and chistorra? Well, in this article I'm going to explain what chorizo is and how it differs from chistorra.  The history of...

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