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How long does a vacuum-packed ham last?

Today, we have to talk again about when you should make a preferential consumption of your Iberian ham so as not to lose an iota of its quality. how long preserve vacuum pack ham And it is that as you already know, the approximate duration of an entire piece is more...

How to extend the life of cheese?

We not only talk about ham at Pata Negra Online, we like all the delicacies of our gastronomy!, And cheese is one of them, in fact, it has been since ancient times. There are a wide variety of cheeses on the market, suitable for all tastes … but once you have it at...

What do I do with the fat of my Iberian ham?

Today, we are talking about the bacon in your Iberico ham. As you already know, when you start cutting a leg of ham, it is more than advisable to keep this part so as to keep the piece for as long as you are going to consume it. As if it were a natural wrapper.But did...

How is the price of Iberian ham decided?

Surely, it is something you have ever wondered. And, if you are an observer, you will have appreciated that the price of ham has been progressively increasing during these years. We, as you know, we love it, as well as most Spaniards, because it is part of our most...

Are you preserving olive oil correctly?

Olive oil, a product present in most homes. A juice that comes from the olive, and that is our most precious asset. Therefore, it is only fair that we know how to preserve it properly to enjoy its quality for as long as possible. how preserve olive oil For starters,...

Is it healthy to consume Iberian ham?

It may not be clear to you at this point how much is true in the statements ensuring that Iberico Ham is a healthy product. That is why today, we give you some information to end those doubts, and that you can enjoy this food without feeling guilty. Let's start!...

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