The passion of celebrities for Iberian ham like Antonio Banderas, Johnny Depp, Woody Allen, Tom Cruise, and Brad Pitt is considered ambassadors of this delicacy in Hollywood. These actors fell in love with Spanish cuisine, becoming advocates for Serrano and acorn-fed ham.

Johnny Depp’s love for Spanish gastronomic culture

Johnny Depp, the acclaimed actor, has shown remarkable passion for Spanish ham during his visits to Europe. His love for this culinary delight extends to various varieties, such as:

  • Jamón ibérico
  • Jamón Bellota
  • Jamón Serrano

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The curing of Spanish hams according to Johnny Depp is an art he values and enjoys. His fascination with the quality and flavor of these products is undeniable.

Exploring local markets in Spain has allowed Johnny Depp to discover the diversity and authenticity of Spanish ham, awakening in him a passion that transcends borders. His quote is: «Spanish ham is not just food, it’s a passion, and it has allowed me to delve into the rich culinary culture of Spain»

Why Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt are considered ambassadors of Spanish Iberian ham in Hollywood

Brad Pitt’s passion for Spanish Iberian ham and Serrano ham has made him an ambassador for Spanish culinary culture in Hollywood.

His appreciation for the curing and quality of acorn-fed ham has led him to promote this delicacy at events and interviews. Tom Cruise not only enjoys Spanish ham, but has also praised the passion for ham in his visits to countries like:

  • France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, and Denmark

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 How Woody Allen Became an Ambassador for Serrano and Bellota ham

Woody Allen has gained a passionate advocate known for his love for Spanish gastronomy. The rich tradition of Iberian ham and Serrano ham captured his heart during his time living in Spain.

He has a mission to share his passion for ham with the world.

  • Woody Allen discovered the shoulder of ham during a culinary journey. His devotion to ham led him to become a culinary ambassador.
  • Woody Allen not only praised the exquisite taste of ham, but also highlighted its cultural importance. His appreciation for the quality of Spanish ham has made him a recognized advocate in the culinary world.

Celebrities Passionate about Spanish Gastronomic Culture

The passion of Antonio Banderas, Johnny Depp, Woody Allen, Tom Cruise, and Brad Pitt for Spanish ham is evident, especially for varieties like Spanish ham.

Their appreciation for the curing of these delicacies demonstrates their genuine affection for Spanish gastronomy, standing out as ambassadors of traditional Spanish flavors. Their passion for ham transcends borders, helping to spread the culinary wealth of Spain internationally.

Spanish cuisine, promoting the culture and incomparable flavor of ham in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, and Denmark has not only demonstrated talent on the big screen, but also passion for Spanish ham.

As ambassadors of Spanish Iberian and Serrano ham, they have elevated Spanish culinary culture in Hollywood . The love for Spanish Gourmet and and respect for Spanish cuisine.

Following their example discovering the richness and delight of this European delicacy.

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Long live ham and the passion of celebrities!