Ham and shoulder iberico bellota and serrano skin is the great forgotten at the time to consume or/and profit our ham. It is normally used to avoid overdry the ham but, did you know it can also be used and flavour enhancer or to make pig rinds?

It is well known that every part of the ham including the skin may be used, excluding the hoof. So, let’s use it then! Here some useful tips to better profit it.


Flavour enhancer

This use is not really common but the ham skin can be used as an incredible natural flavour enhancer. You will have to cook it over a low heat until melting it and keep the resting fat (which will be as a thick soup) in the fridge, inside a Tupperware or in a container. You will only need to add one teaspoon to make more tasty stews.


Not to overdry the ham

As we are slicing our ham, more meat and fat will be uncovered. If we leave it a fair amount of time in direct contact with air, it may be dried, so the surface side may be wasted. To cover it, the best option is using a piece of ham skin, so we can leave the ham breathe and we will avoid lint from kitchen towels.


Make pork rinds as appetizer

Pork rinds are delicious, aren’t they? Surprisingly, they are also made using ham’s skin. This delicious ham appetizer is done only using pork skin cutted in small pieces and olive oil. You will need to cook them in very hot and abundant olive oil until they inflate and the fat will be dissolved. Easy, simple and for the whole family.

The ham skin is the great forgotten at the time to consume ham, though it has multiple usefulness, as well as the rest of the ham. We wish you enjoy it!