When we talk about ham D.Os in Spain, the first things we came up with are «Salamanca», «Jabugo» and «Teruel». We all agree those three words are highly linked to D.O. ham

Ham "DO Dehesas Extremeñas": hams with entity.

Ham «DO Dehesas Extremeñas»: hams with entity.

s in Spain, but there is a world around them. By this post, we want to show you a bit more about our high quality hams: D.O: Dehesa de Extremadura or, also known as «Dehesas Extremeñas».

D.O. «Dehesa de Extremadura» hams are produced all around the Autonomous Region of Extremadura and its regulatory body is the Regulation Council of the «Dehesa de Extremadura» PDO. This denomination of origin is kind of recent as officialised in 1990 per its excellent quality and unique flavour.

Its name comes from the huge amount of hectares of meadows existing in Extremadura, all of them devoted to pasture and livestock. Rearing and fattening of pigs are done in those lands, mainly feeded with acorns and pasture. Its dry and hot summers and cold winters climate result one of the most exquisit hams of Spain.

We can classificate those hams in several ways: according to its breed and according to its food.

If we classificate according to breed, they may be 2 kinds: 100% Iberian or 75% Iberian. In short, this represents the percentage of iberian breed pig contains, being 75% the minimum for a ham to obtain this Denomination of Origin. When we talk about 100% iberian hams, it means that the pig is «pure iberian» and the ham is «pata negra«.

If we follow the feeding criteria, those may be «Bellota» and «Cebo de Campo». In bref, this indicates the sort of breeding the pig follows during rearing and fattening. Those hams classified as «Bellota» have only been feed using the oak’s fruit and those classified as «Cebo de Campo» have been feed with acorns and pastures, combined with natural fodders.

Its minimum curing period is 36 months and its colour is intense red. With delicate scent, juicy touch and intense flavour, with sweet and acorn touches; makes this ham delicious. If you can’t wait to try them, we recomment this «Bellota» ham 100% iberian D.O. Dehesas Extremeñas or this «Bellota» shoulder 100% iberian D.O. Dehesas Extremeñas.