Joselito sausages are recognized by everyone, in many countries around the world. You can buy chorizo, salchichón or lomo in different formats and they come from Guijuelo, Salamanca. Seen like this, they may seem like the most common sausages, but this is not exactly the case. We explain why.

They are natural

Joselito sausages have no preservatives, no colorings, no chemical additives, no gluten or lactose. That is, they are made solely using pork, spices and other ingredients that are extracted naturally. This makes them suitable for all audiences, even for people with possible intolerances.

Sliced ​​or whole sausages

Chorizo, salchichón or loin Joselito may be bought in sliced ​​or whole format. Regardless of the format in which you buy your sausages, they will be vacuum-packed, so they will be kept in perfect condition for consumption, as well as their properties, flavor and juiciness intact. Buy the sausages whole or sliced, they will arrive in perfect condition for consumption.

Guijuelo sausages

All Joselito brand sausages come from the town of Guijuelo, located in Salamanca. The pigs have been fed using natural resources and with large areas of land per pig in the pastures where they are graze in the fattening season.

If you are looking for whole or sliced sausages, or Guijuelo hams and shoulders, here we leave you our selection of Joselito products.