Madrid became a city characterized by diversity. Here becomes the saying «if you want, you have it». Often such diversity makes difficult to find a new bar and the feeling in quicksand and resign ourselves to return to the usual bar. Madrid is a place where even in the seedier site you could find amazing things to eat, or not. That’s why we offer a number of bars where it reigns good ham, to not allow appearances fool you.

The tapas is in charge now, and takes us to visit places like Bar el Jamón (C / Lavapies, 47), a somewhat greasy place where meatballs that make you lose consciousness are prepared. The smell does not accompany the site, but if you can sit on the terrace, El Jamón is a must.Spanish Ham


In Albur, in Manuela Malasaña No. 15, apart from some original tapas with ham are some cheeses and other delights of the Bierzo. A site for the nostalgic charm of Leon.

If your budget allows, you can try Meson Txistu and taste the ‘cocochas’ or Basque hake, but above all do not leave without trying the ham. Good quality products, good atmosphere and good service. Square Angel Carbajo, 6.


A cheap prices there are many choices of sandwich and tapas. The ham and cheese are good, it is called Paraiso del Jamon and is in Via San Bernardo 8.


In Calle Santa Engracia you will find El Jamón with quality Iberian board, aged cheese, 15 E.


Good and cheaply, Don Jamón is one of the must, especially if you are a fan of tapas. Gran Via, 60.


Wine bottles, genre paintings and photos decorate El Jamón y el Churrasco (Infanta Mercedes, 64), rustic place of grilled meat and fish.



Toma Jamón (Mediodía Grande). An original offer, you won’t find in this place or soft drinks, no coffee, no dessert, no menus. Here you can only taste good ham, excellent tapas and wine.

Short menu but good quality in Meson 5 Jotas (Padre Damian, 42) you can enjoy quality Iberian products with matching prices to match.