Today we are going to talk about the different cuts of fresh Iberian meat there are. All these names have something in common: they come from the Iberian pig. These cuts will be different depending on the part of the pig from which they are extracted. We explain them below.

iberian fresh meat iberian pig

What types of Iberian pork cut are there?


  • Solomillo: This is one of the most consumed and most appreciated parts of the pork. This cut comes from the pig’s lower back, between the lower ribs and the spine. Being located in an area of ​​the pig that works little, it will extract very tender and lean meat.

  • Pluma: This cut comes from the upper end of the pork loin and its shape is triangular. This cut has become very popular in recent years and is increasingly appreciated by consumers. This piece is usually small, but very tender and tasty thanks to the infiltrated fat.




  • Lomo: This is one of the most famous parts of the Iberian pig. This cut comes from the backbone area and below the pork ribs. Being such a large part, you can prepare many foods, whole or cutted. This area of ​​the pig is very veined and has a mild flavor.




  • Secreto: This cut is also known as “cruceta”. It comes from the inner part of the spine that is closest to the shoulder. It is one of the best valued parts of the pig because it is very tasty and juicy. It has a lot of veining, which gives it juiciness and texture.




  • Abanico: This is the part of the pig that wraps the ribs on the outside. It has a lot of marbled fat, which makes it very tasty and juicy. It is normally used for grills or barbecues because it is very juicy. This name is given by the shape it has, which is similar to a fan.




  • Presa: This cut is extracted from the head of the loin, located above the pork shoulder. It is the part of the pig that has the greatest fat veining infiltrated by the part of the pig in which it is found. It is oval in shape and has a marbled appearance.


Regardless of the piece you choose, you will love our fresh Iberian meat. See you next time!