Cinco Jotas ham are the Jabugo hams par excellence. They are considered the most exclusive hams on the market due to their long curing times and high quality. The real Iberico bellota pata negra ham from Huelva.

cinco jotas jabugo huelva hams

So, what are the keys to the success of 5j hams and shoulders?

The keys to the success of its hams are its purebred Iberian pigs, the production period and the organoleptic characteristics of the pieces of 100% Iberian bellota Pata Negra ham. To produce such high quality hams, the role played by the pastures is essential.

The dehesas are the pastures in which the pig grazes throughout the fattening period. The pigs are fed with acorns and natural grasses until the moment of slaughter of the pig. The diet that the pig will carry will be essential so that the pieces have the flavor and quality so characteristic.

What are the characteristics of 100% Bellota Iberico hams?

The processing times are as long as possible since this will provide an extra quality to the pieces. The caña is elongated and stylized, the hoof black. The infiltrated fat is unctuous and has a pleasant flavor, with sweet notes that will add a lot of juiciness. The color of the meat is pinkish and may have small white crystals formed from the amino acid tyrosine.

Cinco Jotas de Jabugo Iberian hams have everything to be among the best on the market. Here we leave you our selection of Cinco Jotas products. See you in the next post!