Today, we are talking about the bacon in your Iberico ham. As you already know, when you start cutting a leg of ham, it is more than advisable to keep this part so as to keep the piece for as long as you are going to consume it. As if it were a natural wrapper.
But did you know that this is not the only function you can give bacon? It turns out that there are a wide variety of recipes in which bacon is a key ingredient. Of course, only the one that is near the lean part. Never use the yellowish part, because the only thing you will get is to give your dishes a sour flavor. Let’s start!

how use fat iberian ham
how use fat iberian ham
  • When mashing potatoes or vegetables, try using bacon instead of butter. Likewise, you can use that oil to make “picatostes” (fried bread), which you can include in other dishes, such as salads or consommés.
  • Use it as a substitute for bacon in fabadas, chickpeas or potato and meat stews, or, for example, in a vegetable stir fry. In other words, you can use it in many dishes including bacon or fat, as an alternative ingredient.
  • Try «painting» with the fat from the melted Iberian ham, a grilled pork fillet or the puff pastry of a meat pie, you will give it a sublime touch.
  • Create flavored oils, which you can use exquisitely for toast, to start the morning with class.

To do this, you just have to merge the Iberian ham fat (about 500 grams more or less), 100 grams of water and 300 grams of olive oil. And if you also want to add more flavor, don’t forget to put a sprig of rosemary or any aromatic herb you like, inside the pot where you are going to keep it.

To finish, we leave you an example, a specific recipe that shows that bacon is one more ingredient.

Iberian bacon with young garlic


  • Iberian bacon
  • 7 tender garlics
  • Salt


Cut the tender garlics into julienne strips (lengthwise) and brown them in a frying pan in which you have previously melted the bacon…. And that’s it! It is easy, simple and also, it is delicious.

To finish with the presentation, if you want, you can add a slice of bacon (very thin) as a topping over the young garlic.