Today we tell you without secrets, the origin and the recipe of one of the jewels of Spanish gastronomy.

spanish potato omelette recipe

Let’s start with the story:

We go back to the time of the conquest of Peru, when the Spanish, after observing the indigenous people consume this fruit (called in the Quechua language, papa), decided to bring it to Spain. We would be missing the truth, if we were to say that it caused a furor and was very popular, rather, in its beginnings, it was, on the contrary, and it had no acceptance.

Where it would have great popularity would be in England, Ireland, Italy and the Netherlands, since it grew in cold lands and was able to produce large crops in a short time, making it a perfect substitute for cereals. Above all, in times of famine and war, since, being hidden underground, the enemies did not destroy it.

It was as early as 1720, when an Irishman residing in Madrid, Enrique Doyle, convinced Carlos III of the benefits that her production brought, both in terms of food and the low cost it required.

5 years later, the potato or potato would be present in the lands of the entire kingdom. But how did you get to the recipe for the well-known Spanish omelette?

Well, it was not hit and miss, in fact, as we have mentioned, the first use of potatoes was as a substitute for cereals, with which, it was important in the baking industry, and little else. But it would be thanks to the imagination of the peasant women of Navarra, that the idea of ​​frying instead of baking a mixture of cooked potato, water, salt, yeast and wheat flour would be carried out. The idea liked it and it would be perfected until it reached what we now know as a Spanish omelette. And although in its beginnings, it was a dish that was worthy only of the humblest tables, by the mid-19th century it would already be present in lunches of all kinds.

In 1867, our King of that time, Alfonso XIII would offer it to the Prince of Wales, during a visit of this one in our country. And it even became part of the menu of the Spanish restaurant at the Universal Exhibition in Paris.

With that said, let’s get down to business! How do you make a good omelette?

You will need to:

Preparation of the Spanish omelette

  1. You will have to peel the potatoes, wash them and dry them.
  2. We cut the potatoes into circular sheets, not very thick. And we poach them. Once ready, we put them in a large bowl, and mix them with the eggs. Let rest.
  3. Next, we will add this mixture, in our most non-stick frying pan, and we will brown, over low heat, for 15 or 20 minutes. When we see that the mixture has a consistent texture and a golden color, we will turn to proceed to brown the other side of the tortilla. Once curdled, on that side as well, it is time to remove and plaster it.

Take advantage!