At the same time that with the iberian ham, the olives are a product that help us to prevent heart diseases. Not only it is a supply of iron and sodium, but also we can combine them into a hundred dishes.

Well known over the world, we can consumed them minced or fresh, but always after a process of maceration. Most are used for oil production. The rest are used for millions of creative recipes, depending on our imagination.

Mediterranean countries are the most popular producers, placing Spain at the head of the ranking. There are more than 260 types of olives, being the most popular Picual, representing 20% globally and 50% in Spain.

On the table, and as an appetizer, whether they are green or black, we can find them whole and marinated, boneless and marinated, boneless and with some kind of filler, like anchovy, red pepper, garlic, cucumber …

A product that goes well with any dish.