What is true about this? Is it really a myth or a reality? Today, we tell you more about it.

iberico ham female better male

The origin of this belief is that, in the past, male pigs were not castrated until they were one year old. This caused the flavor of its meat to acquire a much stronger flavor due to the sex hormones that the animal secreted when it was close to the females in heat, and, therefore, the Iberian ham from the male and that of the female. But we are talking about a way of proceeding from the past.

Today, that difference no longer exists, basically because most animals, regardless of sex, are castrated at two months of age. Of course, if we are observers, we can continue to differentiate the origin of the piece by the physiognomy of the sex, but no longer by the taste. (the females will always have a more rounded shape).

We have emphasized most animals, because obviously some pigs will retain their reproductive functions, to perpetuate the species. But its function will only be the reproductive one.

When they offer you a top-quality Iberian Ham, for coming from a female, they are using a marketing technique, hackneyed and based on a lie.

We hope you enjoy your Iberico ham equally, whether it comes from a female pig or a male pig.

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