It is not a secret, the Joselito Hams and Shoulders is known for being one of the greatest culinary treasures in Spain. Tasting a Joselito is having a unique and unforgettable experience.

Joselito is not only a brand, it is a legend.

Joselito ham has more than one hundred years of experience and a tradition inherited over six generations, that have had in common the premise of preparing the so-called Best Ham in the World. Its quality is guaranteed by the most important critics of gastronomy. Its quality and tradition is endorsed by some of the most important chefs in the world, such as Ferrán Adriá.

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Joselito hams without additives or preservatives, only flavor

Joselito shoulders and hams are 100% natural, without additives or preservatives, whose evolution has been closely followed, taking care of the smallest details since the beginning of production. The process of making Joselito hams is very characteristic. During the salting process, it is only added the necessary salt is used for the preservation of the pieces in a way that does not affect the final result. One of the main characteristics of Joselito hams and shoulders is its low salinity, even being considered sweet. Drying is carried out in natural dryers and aging is carried out in cellars underground for several years at constant temperature and humidity.

Joselito hams and Joselito shoulders are very special due to their characteristics. These hams and shoulders do not have preservatives, dyes, chemical additives, gluten or lactose. They are perfect for all audiences to consume. The only ingredients they have are pork and sea salt. They are 100% natural products, which will give it a unique and incomparable flavor, not very salty and sweet. The long curing periods of Joselito hams give it a very special touch. The curing period in Joselito ham is from 40 months, that of the Joselito ham is 24 months.

In addition, you must not forget that, by delighting yourself with its flavor and aroma, this gastronomic treasure is also providing benefits for your health. Joselito Hams have a high content of antioxidants, and a high content of oleic acid that will help you reduce bad cholesterol and triglycerides.

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