Why is this municipality considered one of the cradles of Iberian ham?

jabugo iberian ham dryer

Jabugo is located in the heart of Sierra Morena, in what is called Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche, in the north of the province of Huelva (Andalusia).

Its Iberian Hams are known throughout the world for having followed a strictly traditional production and elaboration process, so much so that it has been protected by a Jabugo Designation of Origin (DO), covering up to 31 production areas, including its own Jabugo municipality, but also other towns such as Aracena, Aroche, Cala, Cañaveral, or Cumbres Mayores.

The natural conditions of the area favor the free raising of the pigs, and the biodiversity of the environment, will give rise to an aroma and taste that will differentiate Jabugo Iberian Ham from the rest: Intense and with a certain smoky flavor.

The drying of the pieces will be carried out in the same saw, and from there, they will pass through the hands of the different masters, who will be in charge of exhaustively controlling all the processes, including maturing, until the product arrives. even your palate.

The dedication, attention to the smallest detail, and of course, its characteristic flavor, are the reasons why Jabugo is considered the home of Iberian Ham.

Remember it when buying your ham, Jabugo, it is always synonymous with quality.

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