Who knows if by the need to be everywhere, if by the speed with which today the globe is moving on or just the natural evolution of a static restaurant, the case is that the gourmet street culture is fashionable.

Street Food Fuengirola

Street Food Fuengirola

And next weekend, from 20 to 23 August, it will have place in Fuengirola Street Food, the first Food Truck Garage Meeting of its kind in Andalusia. The unique culinary festival will be hosted at Sohail Castle in Fuengirola and it will be approximately fifteen culinary offerings, most of local restaurateurs. One of the hallmarks of the event is that participants trucks are old, painted and remodeled belonging to restaurants that have taken to the streets or take advantage of future establishments to promote themselves.

Three are the main features of the festival: quality gastronomy, live music, a DJ and several groups related to retro music, and the exhibition of vintage American cars. In addition, a children’s play area will be enabled with face painting workshops, storytelling, and enjoy continuous performances of acrobats, jugglers, magicians and mimes.

With all these events that are spreading throughout the country, in 2015 emerged Street Trucks with facilities of over 5000 m2 in Leganés (Madrid) and more than 80 vehicles owned adapted to the development of the Street-Food activity. The bigger European option for rent vehicles with these features for professional purposes.

Going back a century in time, the origins of this phenomenon date back to 1866, when a Texas rancher provided with a robust military old truck with shelves and drawers inside, and stocked with kitchen utensils, food and medical supplies, went out to the street vending. The food consisted of dried beans, coffee, corn flour, bacon wrapped in a greasy cape, pork or beef dried or smoked, and other food products easy to maintain. The car was also equipped with a water cannon and a sling to light wood and cook food.


Nowadays, the food trucks are not just ordinary trucks hawking fast food. The food truck has been widely transcending their classification and now is a respectable place for aspiring chefs who want to launch their careers. Normally, these trucks run a range of ethnic and fusion cuisine. He often focuses on limited but creative dishes at reasonable prices they offer customers the chance to experience the food differently. While a lorry may specialize in fancy burgers, another may only serve lobster rolls.