This ham is acorn-fed. Surely you’ve heard this before … But, does this mean that the pig from which that ham leg has been extracted, has been fed solely and exclusively on acorns? Today we will tell you!

If you are one of those who believe that, indeed, yes, bellota hams come from pigs fed exclusively on acorn, you are wrong. And it is that, this would be materially impossible, since, like other fruits, the acorn that we can find in trees of various species, have their own growth and maturation cycle. This usually begins in spring and lasts until fall. And it is when it begins to fall, when it must be consumed by these animals, that is why the pasture season will coincide on this date, in the so-called Montanera.

iberian pig feed acorns

This period will run from October to January, approximately. We must know that this is the final phase of rearing and fattening the Iberian pig, that is, by the time it has reached this point, the animal has already been fed, based on natural feed, and even during this period, it will also complement its feeding in the meadow, finding a wide diversity of aromatic herbs and natural pastures, which will provide that characteristic flavor.

Therefore, you already know, bellota hams do not come from pigs fed exclusively on acorn, but that they include acorn on the label, without a doubt, it is a determining characteristic that will determine the quality of the ham.

We wait for you in the next post!