Today we invite you to try the recipe of «bigos» with serrano ham, chorizo, beef and chicken meat. It is the much appreciated dish of Polish cuisine. Its importance and composition can be compared only to paella in Spain. The difference consists, that instead of rice, the cabbage is used as a base.


The principal components:  1 kg of sauerkraut and 500 g of raw cabbage.

150 grs of ham,

100 grs of chorizo,

150 grs of beef meat,

100 grs of chicken

2 onion

2 cloves garlic

2 red pepper

3 bay leaves

50 g of prunes

100 g of dried mushrooms

500 grs of  tomato souce

250 ml of red wine



First of all the mushroom broth is prepared..They should be soaked 12 hours before. The next step is to make the stir-fry of onion, garlic and red pepper, in which the beef and chicken meat is added to brown it. Then cover everything with 2 glasses of water and simmer for 45 min. The sauerkraut should be left in the strainer for a while, so that it does not have too much liquid and this way loses the strong taste to sour. Finally add the broth of soaked mushrooms and this of cooking the meat, so the bay leaves. All together is put to simmer for 60 min. At the same time, in another pot we boil the finely cut raw cabbage until it is tender.

To sauerkraut «al dente» with the cabbage cooked apart we add the diced ham, chorizo, prunes to season with salt and pepper and tomato sauce leaving it again to simmer for 30 min. At the end we put in the beef and  chicken cut to pieces and red wine to give the last 15 minutes boil.

Remove the prepared dish from the fire to cool it. This recipe gives the best result after heating and cooling 2-3 times, before serving and enjoying it.