The end of the month is approaching and with it the almost definitive goodbye to summer time. But not

World Day of Spanish Tapas


everything was going to be negative because, as every September 29th, we celebrate the Día Mundial de la Tapa (World Day of Tapas). Which originally referred to a piece of bread with a piece of sausage and served to accompany a drink or to cover it. That little but evolved piece of bread gives nowadays a special popularity to the Spanish culture.

In Spain, there are many cities celebrating the day of the tapa, the tapa week, the tapa route… Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, Alicante, Segovia, La Coruna, Sevilla, Ávila… And more and more are adding gourmet touches to these small and not so small delicatessen.

The main aim of this celebration, coincidentally or not, coincides with World Tourism Day is to foster or reiterate the role of gastronomy as a tourist attraction.

In you can see all the activities prepared for this day throughout the entire country. We would like to go over and savor all these small bites of the Spanish culture, but we will simply give a little mouthful around some corner of the territory.