Who hasn’t tasted the delicious Iberian ham? This delicious flavour, which reaches all our senses. Starting with the smell and the taste, the more you eat the more you want and the more you enjoy it, it is incomparable.

History and origin of Iberian ham

But do you really know where this delicacy comes from? Our Iberian ham, which can only be found in Spain and some parts of Portugal, is our most prized culinary treasure. It has a long and fascinating history of origin. According to history, the Romans were the first in the region to raise pigs and sell Iberian ham in the 15th century. The Romans valued both the meat and the fat of Iberian pigs. They began to eat them at their banquets and feasts on special days. Over the centuries, the breeding of Iberian pigs and the technique of curing hams were improved until they reached today’s excellence.

How is authentic Iberian ham made?

Authentic Iberian ham is an art that is passed down from generation to generation. It begins with the selection of the pig, which must be of the Iberian breed, like the Jamón de Bellota, which is reared in the wild, feeding exclusively on acorns and natural pasture. It is then slaughtered and butchered, salted and matured in natural drying sheds.

Curing is the most important phase because it can last from two to four years, depending on the breed of ham and also on its size. During the curing process, the ham is kept at a controlled temperature and humidity. The process allows the ham to develop its full flavour, aroma and texture.

The future of Iberian ham

The future of Iberian ham is undoubtedly uncertain. However, some factors may be positive for its development. The new technology currently being used makes the production process much more mechanised and helps to produce higher quality hams more efficiently. In addition, the growing demand for quality products observed in recent years could further increase the consumption of Iberian ham both nationally and internationally.

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