* 170 gr. of serrano ham
* 70g. semi-dry cheese
* 200gr. margarine
* 50 gr. raw almond
* 1-liter milk medium
* 4/5 heaping tablespoons of flour
* 20gr. approx. onion
* Nutmeg
* Salt
* Breadcrumbs
* 3 eggs
* Extra virgin olive oil

In a skillet we melt the butter and when hot add the chopped onion to pocharla.
Transparent onion, serrano ham incorporate previously have diced very small and sauté over medium heat a few minutes.
Then add flour spinning using a wooden spoon until it is mixed well with the rest.
Then we’ll take the milk gradually and will be adding as bechamel and always boil, stirring with wooden spoon to avoid lumps.
When the batter is thick enough, add the cheese into pieces and take a few laps until it is completely mixed with the dough.
Finally sprinkle with nutmeg and add just a pinch of salt and carry it to a boil.
We removed the pan from the fire and threw the batter in a glass bowl to cool.
Once cooled we put it in the refrigerator and leave at least 6 hours before forming into patties.
On the desk and the dough cold and need a dish with the beaten eggs and we have previously mixed with crushed almonds in a blender (a very light ground) and another dish with bread crumbs to wrap the croquettes.
Using a spoon, and our hands we will be giving a one to one and spend first for bread crumbs, then egg and breadcrumbs again.
In a heavy skillet with extra virgin olive oil and fry the croquettes hot. Taking them out put them on a dish with absorbent paper towels to lose the excess oil.
Serve at once.
* Note: Although more difficult to work the dough batter when it is important that the batter is not too thick to get some tasty nuggets crispy on the outside and light inside.


Recipe presented by Maria G. on our Facebook page.