If you’re one of those who would love to get along with small details, but always are short on time or your guests are usually those of «unannounced», we offer a recipe that will take you just five minutes, with a presentation of tenfold.

Ingredients:Iberian Ham

– 8 fresh figs

– 8 slices of serrano ham or Iberian

– Ground black pepper

– Ground coriander

To begin, wash figs, peel and cut in half lengthwise. Roll the ham like a cone.

Take apart the best 8 fig halves, the rest get into the cone of ham, like a tartlets. We put the cones and figs reserved halves face up, on a serving dish or individual serving dishes. Store in a cool place until the moment when they are going to be consumed. Serve with black pepper and crushed coriander seeds.