You want to have a guide to cut your «pata negra» shoulder ham?  Check our videos.

To slice a Spanish shoulder ham you should have a ham holder, a long flexible ham knife and a rigid short knife.


Follow our instruction to cut a Spanish shoulder ham:

Placing the shoulder ham

  • In the shoulder ham it’s not so important where you start cutting, because its consumption is done in less time and the dry process of both sides is nearly the same.
  • However, if you put the hoof down you’ll find almost no fat, being the most tasty and cured part. With the hoof down you’ll find the tender part with sweeter flavours and with a higher proportion of fat. In our example we will start with the hoof down.
 cut into slices of spanish iberian iberico bellota serrano pata negra shoulder ham
Peeling the shoulder ham : Remove the outer skin and fat to avoid rancid flavour in the slices.
Let’s cut some slices
  • Begin to cut from the top to the bottom (see photo). Make small slices that fit into the mouth.
  • The big difference of the shoulder ham is the flat bone on the bottom part, the shoulder blade.
  • The shoulder blade is flat outside and T shaped in the interior. This form makes a perpendicular cut the best option.


 Watch our 5 videos about how to cut a Spanish «pata negra» Bellota shoulder ham.