The different stages of the Tour de France are a huge burden for the body. Proper nutrition plays an important role, so that the body can perform and recover. To what extent can mountain stage influence on reserves becomes obvious when we compare the average calorie consumption when the cyclist rides on a flat, or for a change in the mountains. In the plane it consumes an average of 6000 kcal per day, at the mountain stage it is already about 8000 kcal or more that the body needs to burn.

What is the reason? On the plane, cyclists are generally faster on the road and can find some protection in the peloton, which means they have to spend less energy. On the other hand in the mountains, they need more energy over a longer period of time. Thus, the calorie consumption quickly exceeds.

That is why we ask ourselves: how do the professionals feed themselves that they can have the necessary energy every day.

When it comes to preparing for a new stage, the stomach must be filled already in the morning. Therefore the first meal is the most important of the day.

Around three hours before the start of each stage starts the big food. For breakfast there is bread, cheese, ham, jam, honey, muesli, oatmeal, pancakes, waffles, yoghurt and fruit. Then the main menu with potatoes, pasta, rice and omelets. The better the cook, the more varied he can work with these foods.

Before the start, the runner still eating energy bars. During the race, there are two additional supplements. With the portion of pate, crackers or energy seals. As long as a stage with the great heat, drink the cyclists to 20 bidons. Each hour should they provide themselves about 60 g of carbohydrates with enough liquid (0,7-2L). If the runne is hungry or thirsty, then it is dangerous.

In the finals, they will be given a rifle of cola. The caffeine-sugar mix is like a life-energy burden, but disappears quickly.

In the goal, the personnel offers the recovery drinks with high protein and carbohydrate content.

Back in the hotel, before the massage, the runners again eat muesli, bananas and breakfast cereals.

In the evening: the real reward after a long and strenuous day comes in the form of the dinner, when the cyclists relax. A four course meal with pasta, potatoes, fish, small amounts of meat, mostly poultry and some vegetables mainly contains carbohydrates.

And before the candlelight they could even sin: chocolate. Goodness!