"Spanish Ham Master” experience: a different tasting in Barcelona.

«Spanish Ham Master” experience: a different tasting in Barcelona.

There exists different sort of tastings. We can find wine, ham, oil tastings… and if we will search, we would find many more. When we travel, there’s nothing better to try best area products, to learn more about its culture. If you are from the tasting’s country, this experience is also unforgettable, so you can discover new flavours and smells, worth of beautiful and delicious memories. And, what about combining different sort of tastings? It is also such an original and fun option.

We like ham, wine and good food. Why not mixing everything? This is what you are thinking. If you love those three things, we have the perfect plan for you and we are giving you the perfect excuse to visit Barcelona. The dream of every «globetrotter gourmet».

So, what about living the «Spanish Ham Master» AirBnB’s experience? It joins everything you are looking for: ham, wine, good food and the city of Barcelona. This experience lasts around 1 hour and it is done in Pernil 181, our store. It is located very close to Sagrada Familia, placed in Gràcia’s neighbourhood. This experience is far different from a simple food and drink tasting. We will talk about our history and our origin as a traditional hams store. At the end of the day, it is a ham and wine tasting but mixed with the affection and care of a lifelong store of Barcelona. So far, so good.

We will do the tasting as follows: our «Ham Master” will explain all of our ham’s secrets, which has been cured by ourselves. You will learn how to differentiate them, from where in Spain they come from and even trying them. We will discover you our history and experience as professional ham masters. In addition, you will try 2 of our delicious wines, which makes this experience outstanding.

We wish you love our «Ham Master» experience and we see you soon, in Barcelona.