The «Black Label» from Ramón Peña  are a real pleasure to meet the most demanding palates. These products are highly appreciated in the Mediterranean cuisine where they are considered a real delicacy . The team Ramón Peña makes a fine selection guaranteeing top quality . We can highlight Ramón Peña`s White Clams which are fully collected in the “Ria de Arousa” (Galicia) being one of the most valued seafood in this area. Another exceptional Seafood from Galica are the Razors (Ramón Peña Black Label) this product is known for its delicate texture and exquisite flavour.
Finally we recommend Ramón Peña`s  Sardines “Pichardus” and the Sardines in spicy olive oil, both belong to the “Black Label” and are one of the most delicious canned fish of the Mediterranean Culture.
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