The word “diet” it was always the equivalent to be starving, summer time, bikini… But not always the results go attached to the “effort” word. Some specialist indicated that, adding a glass of wine and serrano or iberian ham to your diet, it helps to lose weight. Definitely, a diet without sensation to be on a diet.asf

This diet, moreover to be appetising and healthy for the heart, it allows to lose from 4 till 6 kilos per month, depending on our habits.Spanish ham & wine

Not in vain the wine is called the elixir of long life, it has the capacity of slow down the cellular ageing, and reduce the risk of some illness as Alzheimer or senility. It can be a great friend of people with insomnia, stress in excess, because the wine produce a light reduction of the blood pressure and nervous system.

Iberian ham provides the correct functioning of the nervous system, brain and muscle mass manterner, it is the best source of iron and B vitamins. Also, eat 120 grams of ham every day lowers cholesterol and triglycerides because of its low in saturated fats and high in monounsaturated fatty acids.

How to include these foods so present in our lives in a diet to lose weight?

It may sound incredible, but it is true that an estimated controlling of our delicatessen diet may be the challenge of some of the seven deadly sins.

At breakfast, the main food should be the bread, ham (up to two slices) and fruit. The fruit is up to you, avoiding banana, mango and melon, because they provide more calories than others. If coffee is among our essential, if possible decaf and if we like with milk, skim.

During the meal you can not miss the vegetables, in any format. The main dish, meat or fish: salmon, anchovies, monkfish, hake, panga, cuttlefish, clams, cod, tuna, chicken, turkey, rabbit, beef and beef sirloin or lean pork, typical of the Mediterranean diet. Once a week, you can enjoy a stew defatted.


At the dinner, it’s time for a broth (of stew, vegetable or chicken), two slices of ham and 80-150 grams of chicken, turkey, pork or veal; or seafood. As an end to the day, experts suggest an ounce of pure black chocolote, to benefit from its antioxidant and anti arteriosclerosis effect.


By midmorning we include a fruit and a few nuts. In the afternoon snack, you can include a decaffeinated coffee (alone or with skimmed milk) or tea, nonfat yogurt and a few nuts.


How to consume the wine is summarized to a 150ml glass of wine. in the case of women, two for men (spread over two meals).