4 Slices of Serrano Ham
4 Slices of bread

1 Spoonful of pork lard or Olive Oil

1 Spoonful vinegar

½ Glass of milk

1 Cup of tomato sauce



First we soak the ham slices about 15 minutes in milk, in order to lose salt.

Then we take the drained slices, and pass them through the pan with butter or oil.


Next step is to take the same pan with the fat of the ham slices and we add the Slices of Bread, previously dipped in milk, and let them fry.

Then we add  sugar and vinegar to the fat in the pan, and let everything cook a few minutes to make the sauce, giving it a few turns to fire.


Finally, we put the ham Slices over the fried Bread Slices and irrigate them with salsa. We can accompany it also with tomato sauce on the side.


Recipe by Inés Serena