Today, we are talking about a fairly common condition in hams, although certainly unpleasant. They are the famous ham mites. (The same we can find in our home, causing various allergies, but in this case, they make your ham to be spoiled).

avoid ham louses
avoid ham louses

Normally, these mites come from the factory and that is, they usually attack our ham leg in maturation process, when it is still in drying rooms and cellars, and its appearance may be related to changes in humidity and temperature. Although they may also affect your piece of Iberian ham being already at home, and having even started it.

How to know if your ham has mites?

First symptom (and perhaps the most obvious), you will see them. Normally, they have a whitish color may become brown, and they will cover all or part of your ham.

If this happens as soon as starting your ham, return it. The company may not be aware that their hams have this condition and by informing them. They will be able to verify that the conditions of their cellars are adequate.

On the contrary, you perceive the presence of these mites at the time you have started your ham, you can proceed to clean the affected part, (by cutting the affected part), to later melt bacon or butter and cover the entire piece. With this, you will be able to avoid the proliferation of these mites in other areas.

What you should never do is to wash the ham with water or freezing it, or use some type of chemical product. Firstly, because you will not prevent the proliferation of mites, what is more, water would increase the humidity level of the ham. Secondly, because remember that your Iberico ham is a food, and therefore you should avoid adding any chemical element that could be dangerous to your health.

We finish by reminding you that in order to keep your Iberico ham in good condition and for as long as possible, you must place it with optimal hygienic conditions, and, furthermore, we recommend that you get rid of the cover and its cover brings to hang it.