Today, we are talking about Teruel ham, known for being the best ham in the world that comes from white pork. And it is not that we say it, they have a certification of origin that recognizes the good work and respect for the tradition of these ham producers.

teruel ham white pork

The raising of their pigs, which must be exclusively, from the Landrace and Large White crossbreeds in the maternal line, and Duroc in the paternal line, occurs in the low areas, in Matarraña and Bajo Aragón, and its curing takes place in the Albarracín, Gúdar-Javalambre and Jiloca mountain ranges. The pigs that are used to make it are born, raised and slaughtered in Teruel.

In establishments you will recognize them by:

  • Its numbered label: It surrounds the ham or shoulder ham by its hoof, and it has all the information on the piece. In addition, on the skin of the ham marked in ink, we will find a traceability code, with which we can know all the processes that ham leg has gone through.
  • Its star engraved with fire: It is accompanied by the word Teruel, it is usually marked on the crust of the skin of the Ham and Shoulder.
  • Its weight is usually higer than or equal to 7Kg: The shape is elongated and with a rounded finish on its edges, which will have a «V» cut profile. An essential requirement will be that they must also have the complete hoof. And is that, hams that do not pass quality controls have their legs cut off.

There are other details that you will not be able to appreciate with the naked eye, but that we will tell you, such as, for example, its cure that must have been carried out at an altitude of 800 meters or more, and for 60 weeks. What will give Teruel Ham its delicate flavor, very pleasant and not very salty.

A top-quality Serrano ham, without a doubt, worth trying.

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