We teach you some tricks to enjoy the ham in the best possible way during Christmas and at any time of the year.cut spanish iberico ham

1. Set the ham in a good place

When you get at home your ham, you have to unwrap and hang it to aerate and follow their healing process. The ideal place is a cool, dark place, but not outdoors. At time to cut it, it is best to place it in a ham to facilitate cutting.

2. Tools

A carving knife is essential for a good cut, other short-bladed knife to remove the outside and remove the skin and fat, and a sharpener, as the carving knife must be very sharp.

3. Remove the crust

First the leanest part is consumed as it dries before, so we will place the ham with the hoof up.

With short-bladed knife, remove the skin and yellower part of fat around the ham. As we see meat portion, a vertical cut started about seven centimeters of the hoof that will stop the horizontal cutting of the slices.

4. Cutting

With the carving knife, try to make slices as thin as possible. The more sharp the knife is, the easier it is. It is important to keep the horizontal cut and make about six centimeters wide and four to five long. And when we reach the bone, turns the ham and start again.

For as little as possible to dry, it is ideal cover with the slices of removed fat.