Sachets of sliced ​​ham and shoulder are very recurrent options when buying this type of product. It is very convenient to store and consume without sacrificing good quality. In the case of Joselito Gran Reserva ham, they are natural since they do not have additives of any kind.

sliced joselito ham guijuelo salamanca

How to get sliced ​​Joselito Gran Reserva ham?

With more than 150 years of history and 6 generations making exquisite pieces, the Joselito gran reserva sliced ​​ham comes from the best pieces of joselito hams from Salamanca. The pigs have been raised in pastures in freedom, simply feeding on natural fruits and grasses. Later, the pigs are slaughtered and the curing period begins. It may vary depending on whether the piece is ham or shoulder. The curing periods tend to be long, thus offering the best quality hams.

Why buying Joselito Gran Reserva ham?

The Joselito Gran Reserva de Salamanca ham is completely natural. It does not contain gluten, lactose, colorants, or preservatives, or chemical additives, which makes it a unique and perfect ham for everyone. Its marbling makes it have a very juicy texture and a slightly sweet flavor, characteristic of the pieces of ham and shoulder coming from this area. We will have the comfort of sliced ​​ham with thin and juicy slices of freshly sliced Bellota Iberian ham from Salamanca.

If you are looking to buy Gran Reserva Joselito ham or shoulder, you can find it here. Enjoy it!