The excellence of the 5J Jabugo Hams is indisputable. And today, we tell you why.

5j cinco jotas jabugo ham

The production process of these pieces has remained faithful from its origins, guaranteeing the preservation of the purity of the breed and the authenticity of its flavor. And it is that, the inhabitants of Jabugo have been dedicating many years to the elaboration of the authentic 100% Iberian Ham from generation to generation, the wisdom acquired over the years.

This town is located in the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche Natural Park (declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO). Its fields, called Pastures, are a place where the flora and fauna grow in harmony. With no doubt, they are appreciated because the acorn grows in them, which is the most important fruit to obtain the best 100% Iberian Ham.

The pigs will graze in this pasture during the fattening period and the exercise they will do during this period will allow a higher fat infiltration will contribute to the piece of ham by giving an incomparable texture and flavor.

You should know that Cinco Jotas (5j) Hams come from 100% Iberian pigs. The purity has been determined by the genealogical book where both parents are 100% Iberian pure breed. This provides a Black Label Guarantee. The black label certifies the product as 100% Iberico Bellota which is guarantee of excellence and quality. Only products marked with this label can be called “pata negra”.

The curing process, as you can see, is traditional. The pieces are cured in natural cellars. They maintain a constant humidity and temperature, achieving a slow and natural cure. From there, this delicacy will go through the hands of the different masters until achieving the final result.

The “Perfilador”

Thanks to its technique, it will ensure the correct maturation of the piece before the salting, removing the exact amount of fat to prevent the piece from drying out or to harden.

He will also be responsible for marking the hams which have passed this process to facilitate exhaustive quality control.

The person responsable of the salting

Each 100% Iberico Ham will be manually buried in salt from the Atlantic ocean. This action will be based on the weight of the piece, so the concentration of sea salt and the amount of salt will determine the quality of the piece.

The responsible of the dryers

It will be in charge of monitoring the process to get the perfect balance between temperature and humidity.

Cinco Jotas dryers are located at 650 m. altitude. This data contributes to the conservation of the microclimate of the area.

The cellar master

Usually, it will also be the person who performs the setting of the piece. This job requires a great sense of smell as more than 100 different smells may be perceived at this process. They will need to be distinguished for daily monitoring of the piece until it reaches excellent quality and can be offered to the consumer.

An authentic dish of Pata Negra Ham may take about 5 years to prepare if we add the two years of the grazing of the Iberian pig, the twelve months of salting and drying and the three years of curing in the cellar.

It is worth the wait to enjoy this pleasure that is also recommended for your health. Since its high oleic acid content, helps reducing LDL bad cholesterol and prevents from cardiovascular diseases.

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