The Iberian world has been filled with certifications … and we are not complaining about it! From our point of view they are quite a benefit, because they allow the consumer to recognize and differentiate the different production methods. But, we recognize that if you are not very on the subject, they can lead to confusion. Therefore, today we help you distinguish these two types of Serrano Ham. That way they won’t cheat at you, and being sure of the product you buy.

types serrano ham are

Remember that we are talking about Serrano Ham, which are those that come from white pigs, easily recognizable for having a white hoof. (The Iberian pig has it black).

The production process is very similar for Serrano Reserva and Bodega Hams, and in general, for all hams. And which is the difference then? The difference is usually in the diet and the healing times, in this specific case, the hallmark is the cure.

In Bodega Hams, the cure will rise to 9 months, while for Reserve Hams, the cure will be 12 months. In the case of serrano shoulders, the times will be between 5 and 7 months. (In addition, you should know that there is another variant known as Gran Reserva whose healing period should last at least 15 months).

It is important that you pay attention to this detail, because this way you will avoid being sold a Bodega Serrano Ham at Reserva price. And because we think that, it is fair that you know what quality the piece you are buying will have (without detracting from any).

We hope we have helped to clear the doubt, and as always, see you in the next post!