Today, we have to talk again about when you should make a preferential consumption of your Iberian ham so as not to lose an iota of its quality.

how long preserve vacuum pack ham
how long preserve vacuum pack ham

And it is that as you already know, the approximate duration of an entire piece is more or less, one year, but one way to make longuer the date of consumption is, of course, vacuum packaging. This way you will be able to keep it in good condition for another 6 months, depending, of course, on the pressure with which the air has been sucked during packaging. That is, if when you buy your ham envelopes you find that there is no trace of air, it will last longer, than if you perceive a certain amount of slack.

You should know that, although some establishments offer already vacuum-packed envelopes with predefined sealing options, there are other ham shops in which the consumer decides how he wants this packaging to be carried out.

And it is that vacuum packaging your ham only has advantages! As there is no direct contact with oxygen, it preserves all its flavor, you can store it comfortably, in your pantry or in the fridge, and also move it without any problem.

With this, we do not want to detract those who prefer the whole ham, of course not! We leave it to your choice, because when we talk about Iberian ham, whatever you choose, you always win.