Today we will focus on the necessary knives to correctly cut the cheese. It is not that there is as much variety as cheeses are known in the market, but it is more than indispensable to know them to make the cut optimally.

specific knife each cheese

For simplicity, we will reduce cheeses to two types: soft or semi-hard, and hard. The knives that we will find, therefore, will adapt to these two classifications.

  • The knives we use for soft or semi-hard cheese will always have a smooth, perforated blade edge. We will also find shovel-type knives, which allow us to pick up the piece while we cut it.

And in the case of extra-soft, we will use the lyre, a knife that dispenses with the cutting blade to use a steel wire that will help us cut these types of cheeses.

  • Knives used for hard cheese will have a serrated edge without any perforation.

What are the perforations for? Basically so as not to offer resistance when cutting the cheese, preventing it from sticking to the sheet.

The way in which you make the cut depends on your technique, but we end this post with one last trick: Give a heat stroke to the blade so that it is warm, since in this way you can make the cut with no effort.