Generally, we all know that the PDO is a concept that distinguishes products in the area from which it comes. That is, the characteristics of the product and must be essential to the geographical environment in which it is produced, processed and prepared. But what does this really mean for the consumer?Designation of Origin

Appellations of Origin may designate a country or one region, such as the PDO Castilla y Leon and the Ribera del Duero.

Producers benefiting from the appellation of origin, are committed to maintaining the highest possible quality and also maintain certain traditional uses in production.

One way to distinguish products manufactured in a given territory, so that the consumer has the certainty and confidence that the product being advertised is actually the consumed product. One way to protect themselves, after a long manufacturing time and culture, from producers in other areas who would like to take advantage of the good name the originals have created.

A clear example is the designation of origin Champagne, its approval made producers of sparkling wines, champagne method production, had to invent other names. As in the case of Spain, known as ‘cava’.