When looking for a good artisan cheese there are always various questions to answer.
Which features should have a good artesian cheese? Where and how can we acquire the best cheese? How many healing months should have a good artisan cheese? How should we differentiate a good artisan cheese from normal cheese?
The truth is the most important aspect when buying artisan cheese is to know where to buy it. In Barcelona we find a traditional shop called Pernil 181 (Passeig San Joan 181), this shop has over 25 years history in the neighbourhood and is known for its quality and experience. There we will find all kinds of artisan cheese, and thanks to the confidence and experience of the owners we will return home knowing this time we have got a real artisan cheese. We can find all the products from this traditional shop at the same price at its on-line shop Jamonarium.com, for any questions or consults write an email to info@jamonarium.com, write a message in the website (chat in the right bottom corner) or simply call.
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