Olive oil, a product present in most homes. A juice that comes from the olive, and that is our most precious asset. Therefore, it is only fair that we know how to preserve it properly to enjoy its quality for as long as possible.

how preserve olive oil
how preserve olive oil
  • For starters, it is very, very important to keep it away from any heat source. Since exposure to high temperatures can lead to a change in its texture. It is recommended that it be at a temperature between 16-24 degrees Celsius, but if you live in areas where it is very hot, your solution is to store it in the refrigerator. You do not have to worry about excess cold, or if you see it solidify. The oil will return to its being as soon as you put it at room temperature.
  • The most suitable containers for preserving the oil are always tin or dark glass. And is that another factor that can affect you is exposure to light. Therefore, if your container is transparent, try to store it in a dark or dimly lit place.
  • Extra virgin olive oil is known for all its antioxidant properties, but even so, if it ends up leaving it for a long time with exposure to oxygen, it will end up stale. That is why you should keep it in a closed container. And far from being possible, of products with intense aromas, you will run the risk of ending up absorbing them.
  • To finish, we will talk about polyphenols. Substances that, with the passage of time, are simply reducing, without being able to do anything to avoid it.

You should keep in mind that these conservation tips, well, can be used in general, specifically refer to extra virgin olive oil. And, the rest of the oils can come from mixtures of olive oil and refined, and therefore contain impurities or moisture, which shorten their life time.

We hope we have helped you with the conservation of olive oil.

And, as always, see you in the next post!