Ahuyentalobos cheese is a cheese made with raw matured sheep milk, from the Roncal Valley area, located in the province of Navarra. This cheese has got great popularity in recent weeks due to the advertisements we can see on television during prime time, and on social networks in important sponsorships.

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The history of Ahuyentalobos cheese

The history of Ahuyentalobos cheese has its origin in the tales and fables of wolves and sheep that have been told when we were children. In these stories, the wolves tricked the sheeps and ended up eating them. However, the story that the Ahuyentalobos cheese suggests is quite different.

According to the story, sheep take a brave role. With this cheese, it is intended to change the history. The Ahuyentalobos sheep is the bravest of the mountain. He has a strong character that wolves fear. In the mountains where she is, the wolves do not howl, but cry crawling on the ground. For all this, it is said that this is a strong cheese with character.

What makes wolf repellent cheese so special?

The Ahuyentalobos cheese is a very special cheese with a lot of personality. This cheese from the Valley of Roncal is made with «rasa» and «lacha» sheep’s milk. As with the cheeses from the Valley of Roncal, it has some small holes that are very characteristic of the cheeses from this area.

Regarding the properties of the cheese, what is important to name the first place is the long maturation time, which is 8 months. The percentage of fat is lower than that of the cheeses from this area, which in this case is 38%.

The Ahuyentalobos cheese is a unique cheese for its flavor, maturation and the type of milk that has been used. Once you try it, you are going to love it. Here we leave you the portion of Ahuyentalobos cheese made from raw sheep’s milk. See you next time!