Today, we are going to talk about an Extra Virgin olive oil with the highest quality and a great history behind: Venta del Barón. An Extra Virgin olive oil considered the Best Extra Virgin olive oil in Spain and the World.

The history of Venta del Barón

Many stories have their beginnings in legends. Popular rumors that pass from generation to generation, until they reach our days. And this is the case of this Extra Virgin olive oil. The story tells that it receives its name from the Baron of Santaella. A nobleman who King Carlos III, dispossessed of his noble title, after taking the life of his wife in a fit of jealousy. 

Not only he, but his entire family was punished. They had to start a new life and opted to move to the Sierra de Priego, where they would dedicate themselves to the cultivation of olives to survive. 

It would be years later, when the same King Carlos III, would taste this liquid gold extracted from these olives of the sierra, with a sweet and fruity flavor. And overwhelmed by the excellent quality, he would reward the Baron, giving him back his title.

Venta del Barón aceite de oliva

Venta del Barón, a family business

And that is today, Venta del Barón. The result of a family dedicated body and soul to the artisanal production of the best extra virgin olive oil in Spain and the world. 

From the Hojiblanca and Picuda varieties, and with the Priego de Córdoba Denomination of Origin, this olive oil with herbaceous, mint and almond shell notes, has received more than a hundred awards in 14 different countries.

Of course, our most sincere recommendation is that you should not miss the opportunity to try this Extra Virgin olive oil, as Martin Berasategui or Alain Ducasse already do.  That is why we make it easy for you and you can find it here: Buy Venta del Barón Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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